How Monetary Finance Benefits the Common Consumer (You, The Man in the Aisle, the Groom)

At the top of our system, we have the Treasury. This is the system, that pulls finance, away from the investor that plays recklessly with their family values and institutions, one who invests in brokerages and stock transactions.

This is financed by the Exchequer, the stocking and accounts and fraud divisions, that make sure our ways and wares are safe, our accounts are watched and checked and written, and that regulation prevents coercion, deception, and combinations thereof, in short term and longterm, particularly in marital pact and childhood and infancy, playing above.

That system is monitored by the Accounts Auditor, the revenue services and the accounts general, supervising all provisions of loan from state, to you, the common consumer, particularly on civil support and loan given to individual in need of accompaniment to court, the police and civil and statuatory services, so you are protected when informing on fraudulant agents that act against interests of civil regulation, and state wherewithith.

We then have the banks, which are named as such, as the Credit Institutions Unions of Act, those laws pertaining to commodities distributed to those in need of loan, of financial candor, the ardour of a blank and clean slate, without crime or reprobation, every time distributed to act of congress, the meeting between gentlemen and lady, your wife and lover and husband. This protects the accounts system of auditing, so civil services may be free and clean of undue influence from “the mob”, the banking term for ignorance through malfeasance of services.

We have Mortgage Actions of Properties Distribution, the concept of impropriety of act of law given housing revenue being acted upon by loans in monitored state by community of suit towards federal loan giver, if acting in dishonest trust of community ardour. Those individuals, preventing mortgage, are then placed in lawsuit clerical status, a secretariat’s division of political generals and representatives, privately ensured, called barred attorneys, empowered to act on your behalf. This prevents discrimination of candor preventing you from home ownership, the fundamental basis of property, keeping the Mob, out of your house, not your housing, otherwise, they have a right to sue, for the accusation.

Now we have our University Endowment, the concept of scholarship placed outside of credited union, therefore within the range of the common act, ensuring freedom of all men and women, to obtain employ, a paid and financed education, easily paid within insurance but never free to remove corruption of plant industry, frontier military, vice police, catholic firmament, or academic psychiatry. This protects our abilities to have mortgages to homes, so a college demands a career out of selection of course work, or at least a mercenary brokerage into an espionage union, to disrupt anyone that breaks this chain above, allowing them to descend into responsibility on the chains listed below, in protection of management duties here forthwith.

Then we come to warehousing of individual solitude, the Narcotics Act, the contradiction to so-called ‘teamsters’, actually banioned unions that oppose the state and concept of trucking and logistics and contracts, as currency signal given to employee, through ledger of stages of production in aggregate of good through contract malfalcarate upon guarantee to pay to employee, combined into composite at sales of point, paying into taxes and national care of health of industry, gentlemen, and lady, our concept of liberty, through federal organizations like the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms bureau, and of course, the State Department, our embassy division for entreatised organizations guaranteeing that our logistics are free from foreign envoy, at prosecution of threat to protect us from foreign slave acts affecting our domestic system of freedoms for endowments.

We continue along to the Grocer’s Union, not a union of malficium, but instead a group of distributed wholesale goods, funded by the above and passing through below, to the regulated foods and commerce items found safe by government, allowed through vice trade of cameled goods, our Arabic brothers in trade, and Jewish gentlemen, of Autry, our concept of southern farms being free of labor and tax provision pressed by federal government, instead by tax unions, the concept of paying tax together upon bundle, to ship out to people and federal loan based on farm derivative managed thereof. This protects our contracted logistics and labor, feeding the entire system, therefor our plays downstream to the final stages, guarantee indulgences and pleasures, important to the top, to spot the homosexual players, the rally politicians, who have harmed our system at every contra-stage.

We have our Conscripted Silver Markets, for guaranteed anti-theft, particular in liquor, divisions, and wholesales, through native products endemic to area such as tobacco in the Americas, marijuana in the Asian world, and Hindu bineberry in the Middle South of Asia, as well as carceninum fowl in Europe, and farscum respberry in Africa. The concept of high mark of silver purchase and removal from currency, keeping it as a minter’s trade, guarantees an anagram, a monologue, and a currence set, for each and every tradesman’s guild, the concept of silver of mark and of letter, held in federal reserve for housing township, the notary’s office, of town hall, to keep gangsters, thugs, and ruffians, away from trades, to prevent narcotics coalitions and town governments from passing “blue” laws, mandatory depressions of interest of our school children to keep them intoxicated on mating and breeding sprees of commerce ethic, instead of the test of law enforcement, consumption of the indulgence from father’s pantry, therefore passing the test above, thwarting the rally man, the teetolaler.

Our final division, is the Federal Safeties Act, wherein we have clean production of goods, not regulated air pollution qualities, therefore our factory produce is clean as a hen, the term for a mother of future materials of mold upon duplication of veracity, authentification, and observation, not patent, the term for a leather stamp shoe, a religious dowtry of times relying on overturn of labor, patent, conscript, system, copyright, shoeman’s mark, and regulation of byproduct of labor in regulated downscript, the refusal to pump emissions non-necessary should procedure be safe, in corrupt township, therefore this being protective of the town guilds union above, and being the mark of the rally politician, the ignorance of family tradition, therefore the moulder’s mildew of town below, the queer, not the Queen. The queer, doesn’t want a family, not even a hooker or a beer. The Queen, wants a society, and she’s been at it a long time, sir, she’s your mother, not a hooker, that wants you to live right by Christ, a dead man we killed, for being a faggot. He’s strung up in Church, by the priest, warning you about it, isn’t he?

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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