Poker Fouls

Ketchup: When someone spots your strategy, with any tell possible, name your own strategy, as their strategy, in any way intuited, to create a second table, at your own, a decoy, so you may eject, and play as a stealth agent.

Cat Paw: When someone gives you something you want, say you aren’t taking it, nice and simply, so they continue to give you things.

Wall Bang: When you maneuver someone, into the space you want, indicate friendship at heat of play, then reference any wall bang maneuver, along with a friendship signal, before folding.

Apparent Cheat: When playing a game, play a lower game, where you are caught on a grievance, then apologize, and take the social reprimand, but do not commit a rules offense, that costs you an actual reprimand.

Router Line: Have a staged sequence of strategy, with a single element that is non-essential, a bid, that leads to a bet, only if you are defeated, then, the entire strategy is worthless, making you appear to be a genius, and increasing your force presence, as if a fleet, actually a single naval vessel in equivalency.

Boss Man: Refer constantly to a superior officer, someone not present, that is not your father, but it will appear to be a police officer, until your actual father is invoked, then indicate, that he is not present, so you appear to be a cop.

Secret Daddy: Make an illicit arrangement, then arrange to follow the individual that has arranged the play, in cards play, but only if you find the cards play agreeable, so he will be defeated, after you take his chips.

Green Tree: Invoke an out-of-game sign, another set of rules, in public signal, so any competitor, is hunted forever, by a veteran operator, as a past unit of opposition.

Hierophant: Create a strategy, at random, based your view of a famous work, that you could accomplish, and give it, to a female player at the game, so they will lure in your true foe, while defeating themselves with the strategy.

Mirror Riddle: Place a single strategy in view, that is actually two strategies, as one, in any interpretation, then collect your winnings early, to be delivered the pot at a game outside of the contest.

Shark Play: Remove yourself from the table early, with a low play bluff error, after scoring a high hand, to evaluate other players, then perform a bully cheat with the player that won the past hand you would’ve taken, removing them from play, so they assassinate themselves on odds calculation.

Tramline Snap: Take a strategy, in opposition to the table champion, and play the entire table as if backwards, judging the highest chip stack, the victim, while duplicating, the champion’s target, every single round.  If there is no target of the table champion, fold.

The Most Dangerous Game: When playing a game, introduce a secondary table, to lure in your champions from one game, to the table of a different type of game, to place them as dead mercenaries in the first game, destroying both, and covering your trail, as having profited off the players of both games having demised, hence you will have increased your odds off the table.

Cheat Me Love Me: Create a rumor you’ve been taken in a snatch, you lost a hand you folded, when in fact you won big, and then, assail a single player, to take their stack, as a partner player, before betrayal, to win their deck, not their chips, as a trophy, for the next game, a different type, marked as theirs.

Flush Table: Acquire a strategy brand, place it on the market malformed, then release patent material to secret brokers, in many sets and forms and locations and positions, to sink the individual that has purchased the brand, while everyone else benefits under the deck, from the individual that has purchased your brand and published it, free of litigation.

History Night: Have a story night, with two spies, one being your investor, the other being your contact, in a corporate setting.  The investor gets to teach the history of his choice while playing, the contact in merchandising will then execute the investor, off table, leaving you the corporate brokerage, a lethal game, for men.  Milk is for babies.

Scenario Scout: Once an offense at the game has been committed, you must place an operative into play from anywhere else on the table, by labeling his name the general broad term for the strategy used for the offense, even if not a rules infraction.  He will be hunted, forever.

Baby Bear: There are two men, and you are not one.  At the table, you must take one player under your wing, and protect him, verbally and actually, for the other, more experienced player, to protect you and assassinate that player.

Group Master: You must establish a base of command, inside the games lair, and place one individual, on a private, singular game, to determine, who is the superior player, then assail their position, until they show weakness and expel themselves with their partner, the partner having attempted to conjoin in strategy with the player on the singular game, with every other player ejecting the superior player and the partner then removing themselves to your personal quarters, for the captain’s log.

Sibling Rivalry: A random chip must be placed on the stack, out of order in the game, or a card non-played, or an item inedible to the contestant placing, and a historical reference must be made, to the crime the placing individual is committing, to get the rival player ejected from the dwelling.

Dope Show: A clip phrase, must be reversed, to disseminate information on table, to other players, to allow the player to withdraw, and steal every woman on table through the men playing, one by one, meanwhile, each reversed phrase giver, on signal, will eject themselves, ceasing to play, one by one.

Casino Professor: The game’s players, terms, and strategies, must be renamed, after the casino labels and attractions and drinks, in whatever term you understand, to master the game to your preference, so anyone spying or cheating or breaking rules, comes out inane and gibbered, spotting them as spying from another game.

Brown Gringo: A television show reference, in your mind and your mind alone, after confirmation from casual discussion, must be applied to the rival, constantly, with yourself as the conjoined friendly reference, to place yourself inside it, with a wager for the course of action that would defeat one’s hand, as the offered, through a question of polite friendliness, and the losing action, being indicated, in a friendly manner, over and over.

Joker is a Bitch: If a spy is in the house, a game must be induced to cheating with inappropriate seating, tabling, or arrangement, so cards and spying and all manner of gambling lair tricks occur, ruining the table’s players, especially if new, with a ‘no money’ rule imprinted individually, as players cheat, worried, before a new rule is introduced, to spot the spy, and then, their chain of command, goes all the way up, until the top commander, labels a politician, as gay, the politician has a public psychotic break, the confidante commits suicide by act of murder setup, death files into liability towards the humiliated politician, and the entire house of cards, falls apart, with the belief that the politician, wanted to have sex with you, a card player in a little shanty.

The Devil’s Soul: The oath must be given, at the game, that nobody can win the pawnee’s money, without the pawnee taking it first, then the pawnee, will highroll, at every game, for the rest of their lives, and start an entire gaming circle devoted to producing cheats, until the pawnee, dies in isolation, jabbering insane, for the crime, of offending you, The Devil.

God Mode: A character, in fiction, must be referenced, as God, so the target thinks they are the character, sharing all the traits, but in opposition to the ability limited by self, however with the compulsion personality, for a muscle bend into a tragic death.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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