Information Munitions Warfare Poetry Dealer

I am a Zen practicioner, a Yakuza (games and math cheat), a Trappist (counter-Zen), and a Bonafuda (munitions information merchant), that specializes in information properties, a former agent of Union Carbide as an ‘under the books’ residuals officer, media properties, counter-sabotage, recruited into the Skulls at a college campus in New England after a dustup with narcotics officers. Despite my efforts to remain quiet, I invented a legendary card trick called ‘joker is a bitch’, framing a politician as gay by his confidante at the highest level spying on you, should a police undercover attempt to interfere with your operation. Perhaps not as good as ‘the green tree’, my father’s trick, to get the VFW to think all the cops are working in enemy elite organizations from the war, but I try.